The Worth of a Hillside Lift

A hillside lift is quite an investment. There is no other way to say it. The final amount will depend on the landscape, travel distance, and the brand of the lift. In addition to the purchase of the equipment and installation services, you may find yourself dealing with city codes and permits; soil samples; extra landscaping; pier supports; and various other forms of cement work. To top it off, you may have to get permission from your neighbors.

We hope you appreciate the honesty. We also feel that the cost and effort put into this project is worth it.

Installing a hillside lift is better than having to move out of or buy a house that you love otherwise. Houses with significant vertical challenges can offer spectacular views, waterfront access, or extra security. Any one of these conditions could be worth the price of the lift alone. If you are seeking a more practical reason, a hillside lift adds immeasurable value to the property in terms of safety — both in your health and in finances. So, if you do have to sell your house for whatever reason, you will experience a significant return on your investment by having this "access advantage" over other competitive properties.

Alternative solutions are clumsy and potentially hazardous. Their cumulative costs can eat away at your bank account as well. Many of these ideas involve the concept of several exterior stair chairs, or perhaps a long, customized stair chair. These types of options present multiple points of failure and excessive maintenance contracts. There is also the danger of the person having to exit one chair—perhaps on a cold, wet day—and get into another. What happens when this person loses that ability and needs an assistant? Maybe they become dependent on a wheelchair. You might have to remove all the stair chairs and invest in a hillside lift after all of that expense. How do you get the groceries up the hill along with the person?

We have partnered with Accumar Corporation, a highly regarded manufacturer of customized cable and track lifts to enable our customers to achieve their goal of installing a reliable, attractive, low profile hillside lift. Please call us at 1-800-201-1212 for a free consultation.