Survival of the Safest

ThyssenKrupp Access, a significant player in the vertical transportation business, recently announced the termination of their United States operations. The phase-out began in August, and is scheduled to conclude by the end of this year.

Per their announcement, their demise was brought about by “a combination of slow economy, sluggish sales, and lingering manufacturing issues.”
Business is cyclical, and the elevator business is linked to the more susceptible segment of the economy often referred to as “expansion” or “new construction.” Everybody knows the economy is not the best right now, but if a business has a solid plan in place, it can hold strong during the most challenging periods. Doors are always opening and closing in our industry—yes, that was a pun—and it’s simply a matter of how fast you decide to walk through them. If you walk too fast, or even run, you can slip and fall.
Inclinator Company of California (ICOC) and TL Shield have always offered options to our clients, and with the termination of the ThyssenKrupp Access line of products, we are excited to be able to offer our customers a far superior alternative product line than what TKA was recently producing. 
We did not recommend or install the TKA line of residential elevators or stairway lifts, but we did put in a fair amount of vertical and inclined platform lifts.  At this same time, we were offering our customers both the Harmar and Savaria product lines.  The industry seemed to prefer the better-known TKA product regardless of their decreasing quality and reliability.  Now with TKA out of the market, the industry will be much better off with the alternatives, which we are proud to represent.
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